The Five Worst Seattle Seahawks Contracts in 2016

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The Seattle Seahawks entered their bye week with a record of 4-4. While playoff aspirations are still attainable, it will take a far better effort from the team – especially the offense – to reach their goals this year.

Even more important than this, however, is maintaining the ability to sustain success and be playoff-caliber for the foreseeable future. With most of their core players locked up to contracts that will keep them in the PNW for the next few years, it’s a great time to assess the roster as it pertains to the salary cap and what the brain trust in Renton can do to make this team even better in 2016 and beyond.

Today we cast our line into the roster pool and retrieve some important information – the five worst Seahawks contracts in 2016.

Keep in mind – this is not an evaluation of strictly the worst players on the team. You can find that information here. What you see below are examples of the worst player values on the roster as it pertains to salary cap dollars allocated.

The best contracts are those that feature very good players on minimal (typically rookie) contracts. Until recently, this list would have dominated by Sherm, Earl, Kam, Wilson, etc. But, because those players have all been PAID within the last few years, we must look deeper for those gems. Do they even exist? With the last couple drafts by John Schneider not exactly setting the league on fire, finding best value players was more difficult than imagined.

By contrast, the worst contracts are those that eat up more cap space than they should when compared to the player’s performance on the field. Past examples of this would have been Aaron Cur- oh, I just threw up in my mouth – Curry and Robert Gallery. Fortunately, there are not many of these contracts on today’s roster either.

In the end, the lack of many of either type made this a more difficult exercise than first thought, but it was still fun to do and I’d love to read your thoughts and lists below if they differ from mine.

Now, before we get into the five worst contracts on the books for 2016, allow me to warn you like they do in episodes of “The Walking Dead” when they prep viewers for imminent carnage in the following segment with text that tells you some of the content you are about to see may not be suitable for everyone. You may want to read the next section in an area where loud bursts of expletives are tolerated.

You’ve been fairly warned.

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