Seattle Seahawks: 12s still waiting to exhale

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Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks fans. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

The Seattle Seahawks have been painfully inconsistent this season. As a result, the 12s seem to be flustered. Our Joel Carpenter dives into the situation.

I stood watching 12s trickle into Centurylink Field on December 2nd for the Seattle Seahawks game against the rival 49ers. It was hard not to notice an incredible apathy that, in over 30 years of attending games, I had never witnessed in Seattle. Fans were slow to their seats prior to kickoff. With a reeling team like the Niners in town, perhaps that was to be expected, but I was surprised to see it continue throughout the game.

For reference, I’m a longtime 12 who at one time lost my voice screaming for a truly footnote third-string quarterback named Stan Gelbaugh (Gel-Baugh, Gel-Baugh, GEL-BAUGH) at the Kingdome years ago. That was during in an improbable win over a vastly superior Broncos team towards the end of the worst season in Seahawks history.

I also remember being an elated fan that hugged strangers after a bobbled snap, followed by “Big Play Babs” tracking down a young Tony Romo as it appeared a botched FG was going to turn into a touchdown instead.

As a man who has witnessed games during the Tom Flores years first hand as an owner attempted to dismantle my beloved team, in an attempt to squirrel them away to a bigger market in Los Angeles. A loyal 12 who’s watched games both irrelevant and embarrassing during the final swan song of Holmgren and the following forgotten “we need more dirtbags” Mora season. I thought I had seen everything that this team, city, and fans had to show.

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