Seattle Seahawks: The Roster, Ranked (#54-#35)

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The position battles are over for now, cuts and trades have been made, and the Seattle Seahawks have clarified their 53-man roster – That is, until mad scientists John Schneider and Pete Carroll decide to throw another curveball or two in the mix (Kam Chancellor resolution?).

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Now is a good time to assess and rank the roster as it currently stands. We know this team has superstars, but how many? We know it is comprised of a large percentage of young players on rookie contracts, but who are the real contributors and who is not long for the team?

Below is the 2015 Seattle Seahawks roster ranked from… not the best player to the best player, regardless of position. Yes, there are 54 players ranked here and only 53 spots on the roster – Chancellor is in here, in addition to the 53 guys who will suit up against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. Feel free to agree/disagree in the comments below, or on Twitter. Part one: the bottom “third” of the roster!

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