Russell Wilson’s Agent Lays Waste To Media Driven Contract Fears


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If you are a Seahawks fan, and you listened to the 30-minute Mark Rodgers (Russell Wilson’s agent) interview Thursday morning on ESPN 710 Sports Radio, then you were treated to the facts about RW’s contract situation in no uncertain terms. If you regularly read this column, then you might have also noticed that you’ve heard it all before.

A major goal of my column has been to point out how the Seattle and national sports media create controversy in order to boost ratings. Over the last few weeks, I’ve written two articles that touch on Russell’s contract situation: Entire Russell Wilson Interview Shows Contract Angst Doesn’t Actually Exist and more recently, Seahawks Offseason Headlines Fail To Consider The Domino Effect. Points made in both, that there’s nothing wrong between the ‘Hawks and their franchise QB, and that there’s a process playing out here that doesn’t make for good radio, or click-bait, were echoed loudly, on Thursday, from a place that could be considered nothing less than “The Horses Mouth.”

Any parsing or reading between the lines of the discussion between Russell’s agent and talking heads, Brock Huard and Mike Salk, that veers off course from the following takeaways, is a shameful attempt to keep a conversation alive that has officially been put to rest.  Either that, or these guys are just plain hucksters who can’t listen to their guests when they respond to their leading questions, because they are too busy trying to hear the controversial responses they were scheming to elicit.

1) Russell Wilson and his agent, Mark Rodgers, love and respect the Seahawk’s organization, and even in the midst of discussing a new contract, are willing to show their cards when it comes to this fact.

2) There is no sense of urgency for getting a deal done.

3) The Salary Cap complexities, coupled with the complexities of NFL Contracts in general, are the real reason for any delay in coming to an agreement on a new deal. Both parties understand each other’s obstacles and they will work through it.

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"“I am a Seahawks Fan, I love the way the organization is run,” Rodgers said. “As a Seahawks fan, it’s a no brainer to hope and to think that Russell Wilson will be a Seahawk for life.”"

Enough said.

Russell Wilson is on a plane back to Seattle at this moment and will arrive at OTA’s tomorrow in incredible shape and ready to lead his team. It would be nice for our sports media outlets to take this opportunity to start talking about Russell Wilson’s performance on the field, and shelve the rest.

Of course that won’t happen. But I think most fans agree, we’d prefer it.

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