Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson, the Good, the Bad and the Perplexing

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) /
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Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

Here comes the boom

Following a quarter of ineffectiveness by both teams. With Wilson apparently looking exclusively for long passes that never came, instead of being replaced by sacks and incompletions, born of holding the ball too long. The third quarter ended with an inkling of what was to come. As he’s done throughout his career, and far too often for this fan’s comfort, fourth quarter Houdini Russell Wilson started to heat up.

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RW3 went from super dud to super stud in about seven minutes flat. Following almost a full three-quarters of questionable decisions, poor throws, and inaccuracy. Russell Wilson found some rhythm and started to deliver the ball on time and with purpose.

A pretty successful drive that seemed like RW3 threw more dimes than he had combined in the first three-quarters, ended with a huge sack. Green Bay defensive coordinator Mike Pettine guessed correctly and stymied Seattle’s first promising drive of the second half. “Fourth quarter Wilson” was starting to break out of his shell. The good was on its way, a feeling as familiar in Seattle as rain.

After surrendering a field goal to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, Seattle needed Wilson to be the final quarter magician he has been so often in the past. After most of 45 minutes of being an inconsistent opening act, the main stage was set for Mr. Wilson and his supporting cast. With 8:23 remaining, trailing by the four points left on the field in the opening period, the showman went to work.

Russell threw dart after dart as the Seahawks sprinted down the field like it was a 7-on-7 drill instead of a critical drive. It was Thursday Night Football, in the 4th quarter, of a game that could possibly crush their playoff hopes, and the Seahawks quarterback stepped up. The throws on this drive were things of beauty, culminating in a laser to tight end Ed Dickson for the final score of the game.

Russell Wilson, for what feels like the thousandth time in his career, redeemed every questionable decision, every errant throw, and every foolish sack from the prior three quarters. He has the uncanny ability to make you want to rip your hair out, scream at the television, walk away disgusted, and then thank the football gods and the front office that Wilson plays for Seattle.

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So many things about Russell Wilson defies common football knowledge or logic, so many things that can’t be explained, the good, the bad, and always, the perplexing.