Seattle Seahawks: Pre-Game Day Rams Q and A with L.A. Sports Hub

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The Seattle Seahawks take on the NFC West Division leaders in week 5. We asked our counterparts at L.A. Sports Hub for some 411 on the Los Angeles Rams.

Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks take on division-leading Los Angeles. I asked my counterpart Jason Reed at L.A. Sports Hub some questions about the Rams ahead of this week’s game.

Q1) Who is the Rams MVP the first quarter of the season?

After four weeks of play, the Rams’ MVP is obvious: Jared Goff.

Goff has not only taken strides from a great sophomore season, but he has also thrived as the leader of this team.

Leading a Super Bowl-caliber team in only your third NFL season is tough. Instead of lying down and relying on Todd Gurley, the Rams have attacked defenses with Goff.

Not only is Goff the Rams’ MVP in the first quarter, but he is also right up there with Patrick Mahomes in the NFL MVP race.

Q2) The Rams offense, gets so much credit, but the defense is top five, what makes the D so good?

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The defense is just so deep. There’s talent literally everywhere and when you have that many playmakers it is hard to underachieve.

The coaching definitely helps as well, as Wade Phillips is one of the best defensive minds in football. If you give a gambling addict some funds they are going to go crazy. The same can be said for Phillips when you give him defensive playmakers — and a lot of them.

Q3) How would you describe Sean McVay’s coaching style?

Special. McVay knows what he is doing and is the perfect coach for this modern style “touch football.”

While his players certainly deserve credit, McVay has elevated some of the guys, most notably Jared Goff. He is a genius offensive mind who has a great defensive mind as his defensive coordinator. There’s a reason the Rams have led the league in points the last two years and that is Sean McVay.

Q4) Do the Rams have a weakness?

Right now it really doesn’t seem like it, but every team has a weakness. Obviously, the kicking game is shaky with Greg Zuerlein sidelined and the secondary is vulnerable and hurt. The linebackers aren’t the greatest but they have done enough to be carried by the rest of the defense.

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The Rams have not shown us any serious weaknesses in four weeks. While that does not mean they don’t have any, it’s hard to pinpoint where it could be.