Ranking The Five Seattle Mariners No-Hitters

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1) Felix Hernandez: August 15, 2012, 12 K, 0 BB

Aug 8, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez (34) laughs as his friend Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre (29) is called out at first base after review to end the top of the second inning at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The most impressive no-hitter in the history of the Seattle Mariners is, of course, Felix Hernandez’s August 2012 perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s not just the most impressive no-no in franchise history: it’s Seattle’s only perfecto, and one of the best pitching performances in the history of this or any universe.

Felix had it all that day. Every pitch was working, the Rays are experts at getting no-hit… but he still had to go out and finish the job, which is exactly what he did. In front of a tiny afternoon crowd, King Felix mowed down an incredible number of batters without allowing a soul to reach base. Oh, and the M’s won 1-0. Pressure? Yeah, there was a ton of that.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever see a pitching performance like that ever again, just in terms of sheer dominance. It was like the Kerry Wood game, but subbing out the extra seven Ks for the total lack of guys on base. It was an all-time game by an all-time pitcher. And it’s arguably the greatest moment in the history of the Seattle Mariners.

Hail King Felix. Long live the Golden Bear. Go visit Cooperstown’s new Randy Johnson installation. Remember Chris Bosio. And don’t forget, sometimes it takes a village (and an injury). The Mariners haven’t given us a lot to like since 1977. But there have been five excellent no-hitters, and for that we should always be thankful.

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