There’s Football In A Month


In two months the city of Seattle is going to experience a blackout of sorts. Well, it won’t just be Seattle – much of the nation will find that they are suddenly unaware of much of their surroundings. This will last until the Super Bowl ends. That’s right – the NFL season is two months away, and when it arrives, we’ll be hard-pressed to so much as notice anything else going on in the world.

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The Seattle Seahawks open their regular season on September 13th in St. Louis. How are we supposed to wait that long? What ever will we do to pass the time? Set our sights on the slightly nearer future, of course! And in the slightly nearer future, there is football.

On Friday, August 14th, the 2015 Seattle Seahawks will take the field for the first time. They’ll make their debut at CenturyLink Field sometime shortly after 7pm against the Denver Broncos. Will it count in the standings? No. But will it be football? Oh, absolutely!

Consider it a preview of things to come. We all know and accept that preseason games don’t hold too much importance – they’re more for evaluatory purposes than anything else, and so winnning the games is much less critical than just getting a good look at what the team has. The first look! Luckily for us, our first look gets to be at home, up close and personal.

This is happening in less than a month. In only a matter of weeks, the Seattle Seahawks will be playing a game of football, right in front of our lucky eyes. The first in-game glimpses of Jimmy Graham in Seahawks colors! The first pro glimpses of guys like Tyler Lockett and Frank Clark! Russell Wilson! Marshawn Lynch! Richard Sherman!

It’s exciting for the same reason anything Seahawks-related is exciting – the layover is long, and when the season finally does arrive the games are few and far between. Doesn’t hurt that the team is incredible, of course. Or that they’re coming off a typically strong draft and exciting offseason. Lots of reason to be excited, even if it is *only* preseason.

There’s football in a month. Less than a month. The Seattle Seahawks have given us back-to-back unbelievable seasons, and there’s plenty of reason to believe there’s a third on the way. It all starts in Seattle on August 14th.

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