Jon Ryan American Ninja Warrior Results and Thoughts


Our favorite punter, Mr. Jon Ryan, tried his hand at a different type of competition. On Monday night, his appearance on American Ninja Warrior was aired, and you can watch the tape above.

It’s hard to take myself too seriously when writing about the Canadian, red-headed punter/Twitter aficionado, so I’m not going to, and I’m guessing Jon wouldn’t have it any other way. Here is my guess as to what was going on in his head during the attempt.

0:00- (*nose twitch) “Dangit, Jon. Why’d you have to eat that burrito before American Ninja Warrior? This smells worse than the time I had to take an under-center snap from Max Unger.”

0:04- (*Almost falls on second tilted platform) “I have punters AND gingers everywhere counting on me. Get it together Jon. GET IT TOGETHER!”

0:13- (*Rubs hands together, takes a deep breath and feels the hand-holds) “Alright, who forgot to tell me that this BS obstacle was part of the course? How do I hold these red things? Do I get like, one free pass? Ah, screw it.”

0:20- (*Prepares to jump) “Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.

0:21- (*Jumps off platform) “Oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot.

0:23- (*Leaps to the rope swing and falls backwards onto the mat) “Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap.

0:25- (*Stands up after making it onto the platform and sees Jermaine, Derrick and the crowd going crazy) Jon on the outside, Jon on the inside.

0:40- (*Takes a deep breath and runs for the tilting table) “I am invincible!!!

0:48- (*Gets up after falling with a smile and a clap) “What? I’m supposed to be disappointed because I didn’t make it farther in this suped-up-jungle-gym reality show? Come on now, someone fetch me my Super Bowl ring.”

In all seriousness, we are developing quite the portfolio of Jon Ryan articles here at ECS. Hopefully he does something else awesome for us to write about in the not-too-distant future!

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