Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft 2015: Complete 7 Round Predictions

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Seattle Seahawks Seven-Round Mock Draft

Round 7 (248): Doniel Gambrell, Notre Dame College (OH) OG/OT

Gambrell is an easy player to like, in a lot of ways. A husband and father to three kids, he had to work, on top of school and football in order to provide for his family. He is a hard-worker by all accounts, and overcome a lot to become a solid leader for NDC.

ANd being that he played division-II, when you flip on the tape, you see him manhandle the competition. Athleticism is a huge plus with Gambrell. He explodes off the snap and puts guys on their backs before it seems like they had a chance to get out of their stance. He has good quickness and agility moving to the second level and clears paths wherever he pulls. He has good, aggressive hand usage which keeps defenders on their heels.

There are some pass-protection issues, but NFL coaching should do wonders for him. And his anticipated move  inside to guard will help as well.

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