TE Jimmy Graham Wanted To Get Paid Like A WR – In Seattle He’ll Be One


This is the 40-Something Files! (Another Special Mid-Week Quickie)

A weekly take on the state of Seattle Sports through the lens of a guy whose four decades of fandom has earned too many scars, and seen too few celebrations.

Off-Season Bold Prediction Series – File #1:

Based on my very astute analysis of the temperature of the 12s (AKA: tuning into sports radio and twitter), I’d say this town is about 50/50 on the astounding pick up of “I’m Jimmy” by our fearless leaders, John Schneider and Pete Carroll.

In response to my personal network of 12s and other less invested friends who are fans of other teams, I’ve been looking at the trade like this:

1) Russell Wilson has openly admitted that Drew Brees is one of his idols, someone he patterns his game after.

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2) The big target in Jimmy Graham has worked out quite well for the smaller in stature Brees. Russell, as no one will ever let us forget, is in fact, smaller in stature.

3) Add Russell’s escape-ability to the mix, and his capability to throw with extreme accuracy on the run, and Jimmy’s outstretched “soft hands” are going to get hit with a ton of laser-guided missiles during his Seahawks tenure.

4) We’ve got to hope the Seahawks’ defenders, who worked themselves into a frenzy over this guy in order to defeat him in the past, are mature and family oriented to the point where they can all agree: ENOUGH WITH THE “JIMMY” STUFF – to which this recent strange tweet from Bruce Irvin contributes. But then again, I don’t really get it, so maybe it’s actually some sort of welcome to the team?

Now, in support of the bold prediction to come, we also have these opinionated facts:

5) In Pete we trust – he’ll find the exact right way to help Jimmy Graham supplement his world class talent with a standard Seahawks world-beater mentality.

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6) The Seahawks’ brass have a unique ability to find talent at one position and then coaching it up to dominance at another (See: J.R. Sweezy).

7) Luke Willson and Cooper Helfet performed respectably, improving weekly as replacements for the oft-injured and recently released Zach Miller. Also, the Seahawks did just make the less splashy TE re-signing of Anthony McCoy, who, when healthy, has shown considerable upside.

8) Jimmy Graham had a decent leg to stand on when he fought, but eventually lost a case against the New Orleans Saints, contending that he should be compensated according to the average salaries of a WR, considering how often he was split out wide in the Saints’ offense.

9) In light of #8 above, it stands to reason that Jimmy Graham would appreciate being named a WR, since they make more money than Tight Ends. And he’s certainly capable of playing the position, maybe even better at it (since there are less blocking duties) than his current listed position.

So, taking all of the above into consideration, here comes the clairvoyant portion of this read, as if it needs to be spelled out:

Jimmy Graham will start the 2015 season as the #1 WR for the, yet again, Super Bowl bound Seattle Seahawks.  (That’s actually two predictions for the price of one right there.)

In case you missed it, that was THE TOP WIDE RECEIVER, on the depth chart, heading into week one of the regular season.

I feel very good about this factually opinionated news…

Who’s with me?

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