Jon Ryan And His Face Win The Internet: Best Memes


Much has been made about Seattle Seahawks’ punter Jon Ryan and his touchdown pass to Gary Gilliam in the NFC Championship. The play was the first sign of life from Seattle in an otherwise atrocious first three quarters.

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By itself, the play would go down as one of the top plays of the year for the Seahawks, right up there with Kam Chancellor‘s pick-six against Carolina and Marshawn Lynch‘s Beastquake 2.0.

But even more has been made about the face Ryan makes as he releases the ball, and for good reason. I mean seriously, just look at it.

Ryan himself has been known to make self-deprecating jokes in good fun from time to time, and this occasion was no different.

Dear Jon Ryan: you are awesome. Don’t ever stop making terrible faces.

Here are the best Photoshop edits of the now-famous play.

Jon Ryan, Leader Of The Pride

Jon Ryan The Terrible Waiter

Jon Ryan And The Ticking Time Bomb

Jon “Jimi Hendrix” Ryan

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