Video: Marshawn Lynch Is The Best Ever


Marshawn Lynch has had a weird year. He’s been fined a lot of money for harmlessly being himself. He’s been the subject of trade rumors. He’s again been maybe the best offensive player on the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. And in the end, it’s that last one that matters the most, as it should.

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Maybe you heard that there was a Seahawks game last night. It was in Arizona, between the presumed two best teams in the NFC, or at the very least, the NFC West. It turned into a blowout win, with the Seahawks beating the spread nearly four times over. As you’d expect, a lot of dudes had good games. But nobody’s night was louder than Marshawn Lynch’s.

Lynch has been a celebrity for a while, in no small part due to his flamboyant style of play. He’s one of the most exciting guys to watch on any given football field, and when he gets going, he’s famously unstoppable. He’s the author of one particular 67-yard touchdown run that is arguably the greatest in the history of the NFL playoffs. And after last night, that legendary run has a sidekick.

While it didn’t cause any literal earthquakes, it was an instant classic and jumps directly into the top two, as far as Marshawn Lynch touchdown runs are concerned. It came relatively late in a blowout, so the audience wasn’t as big as it was for his 2011 playoff drive. But it’s a new career-long TD run for Lynch, who is just the best thing in the history of everything.

Maybe the Seahawks still are set on getting rid of Lynch after the year. Maybe he’s good as gone. But we saw that run, and the franchise’s decision-makers saw that run, and one notes that the “dump Lynch” chatter has all but gone away ever since the team started winning again. The Seahawks, for the last month-plus, have looked like a complete team. A complete team doesn’t really need to re-tool by dumping a superstar.

Marshawn Lynch is a folk hero. Last night, he added to his legend by plowing through dudes, dancing down the sideline, and jumping into the endzone with his hand on his crotch. Stay forever, Marshawn. You are the best of all time.