Seahawks Lose 30-23, Get Mauled By Cowboys


This was one of the worst performances by a Seahawks team I can remember. If you take away the blocked punt TD, and the two drives that started in the Dallas red zone, the score would have been Dallas Cowboys 30, Seattle Seahawks 6.

Russell Wilson had no time to throw, and when he did, he was inaccurate. The O-line got run over by the talent-and-experience-challenged Cowboys D-line. The receivers couldn’t get open against a very beatable Dallas secondary. The front seven got absolutely MAULED by the Dallas O-line. And the secondary had more blown coverages than they did all of last season.

And then there’s the fact that Marshawn Lynch had 10 carries. In Seattle’s two losses this year, Lynch is averaging eight carries per game. In three wins, he averages 21 carries per game.

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Now, I’m a statistics major. But you don’t have to be to see there is a strong correlation there.

The Seahawks were outplayed at every offensive and defensive position on the field.

Most shocking was that the Cowboys took it to the ‘Hawks physically. I can’t recall that EVER happening since Pete Carroll took over. Dallas dominated both sides of the line: their receivers and DB’s won every jump ball and they seemed to hit harder and fly around more. These are not things you haven’t been able to say about a Seahawks opponent in a very long time.

Seattle now sits at 3-2, and could be in third place in the division pending the San Francisco 49ers game tonight. There isn’t any more room for these kinds of lackluster performances. The Seahawks have a very easy first half of the season in terms of strength of schedule, and a very difficult second half. They need to get it together, and soon.

Forget the division, or the #1 seed. If they keep playing like this, the playoffs might not even be a given.

Now, I’m not saying it’s time to panic.

But it is time for some soul-searching. It is time to get back to being a smash mouth football team.

It’s time to put the game back in the hands of the one they call Beastmode.