Russell Wilson Is An Elite QB


He’s been called a game manager. He is constantly in the same conversation as Colin Kaepernick.  He is never given the title of an “elite quarterback.”  It’s time to give Russell Wilson his due credit.  He is, indeed, an elite QB.

The argument has always been if you put a good QB on the Seahawks they will appear great.  When this argument is made, those making the case always lean on how the tremendous defense of Seattle take all of the pressure off of Wilson and the offense.

There is also the what would he be without Marshawn argument.  Breaking down the overtime thriller against the Broncos just proves how incredibly talented Russell Wilson truly is.

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After leading 17-3 at half, it was the defense that allowed the Denver Broncos to claw their way back into the game, and eventually overtime.  Granted, the “Legion of Boom” was pitted against Peyton Manning, but they faced him in the Super Bowl and it was a no-contest.

Yes, Marshawn Lynch had a very good game, and scored the game-winning touchdown, but he also was hit in the end zone resulting in a safety.  After Peyton Manning put on display one of his all-time great performances, the entire game rested on Wilson’s shoulders.

You could tell from the first snap that Russell Wilson went into his mental zone, and there was not a force on this earth that was going to prevent him from putting together a miraculous game winning drive.  He ran when he needed to, found open receivers, made great reads, and controlled the offense at an all-time high level.

In less than a minute, Russell Wilson had led his offense 80 yards to within scoring position, where he handed the ball off to Lynch, who dove into the end zone, finally putting the game on ice.  The much anticipated Super Bowl rematch came to a dramatic close, and Russell Wilson was by far the best player on the field that day.

At this point it is borderline insulting to include Wilson’s name in the on-going Kaepernick, RG3, and Cam Newton comparisons.  Out of that group of young QB’s, Wilson and Andrew Luck stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

NFL analyst Matt Williamson said that Luck and Wilson could be the modern day Manning and Brady.  From what I have seen, I’d be hard pressed to disagree with him.

There will always be those unwilling to accept how incredibly gifted Russell Wilson is.  That’s okay.  At the end of the day, the reigning Super Bowl champ continues to grow and improve each week, and is a huge reason as to why Seattle is still the team to beat in the NFL.