Seattle Seahawks News: Bye Week Too Early


Rest is good in the NFL, and the Seattle Seahawks get to rest this week. Unfortunately, it is a little bit early in the season for a break.

I suppose there may be two schools of thought on the timing of the bye week. If you get to rest early, you give yourself a breather before the big push in November and December. However, by resting early, you lose out on the opportunity to rest later in the season when you might really appreciate a little break.

Ultimately, the Seahawks can’t do anything about this, as they don’t exactly get to pick their scheduling slot. It just seems like there could be a better time for a week off.

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Yes, it will be nice to give Bruce Irvin another week of rest, and perhaps some time off will prevent Russell Okung‘s shoulder from becoming an issue late in the season. In addition, Kam Chancellor has been having some ankle issues. However, that is about it for key injuries.

The Seahawks (thankfully) are relatively healthy right now. Certainly that is a good thing, and perhaps the rest will allow this squad to stay that way.

In addition, there is the reality that the Seahawks go into the bye week on a high note. The overtime win over the Denver Broncos was a big deal in the grand scheme of the season. Seattle is now 2-1 instead of 1-2, and they were able to overcome a noteworthy foe by making key plays in overtime.

If the Seahawks had lost that game, they would now have two weeks to think about what went wrong. That isn’t exactly the best mental state to be in when it comes to anticipating the rest of the season and trying to maintain confidence.

Not only do the ‘Hawks get the week off, but they will get an extra day off as their next contest will be on Monday Night Football against the Washington…uh…what was their name again? Granted, it will be nice to ease into that game given that the Seahawks will have to fly across the country.

Hopefully the Seahawks won’t be too rusty when they play on the awful grass at FedEx Field. The Seahawks do play three of their next four games on the road, two of which are on the east coast.

Enjoy the break, Seahawks. Hopefully this will turn out to be a good time for rest. It will have to last you for the rest of the season.