Keys Stats in Seattle Seahawks Win Over Denver Broncos in Overtime


A win is a win, and the Seattle Seahawks will take it. Beating the Denver Broncos certainly wasn’t easy, but it got done and the Seahawks are 2-1. This is a good way to go into the bye week, rather than staring at a 1-2 record and a lot of lingering questions.

Numbers are always interesting to analyze, particularly in a big game like this. Watching the game gives a general sense of the flow and the big plays, but the box score can tell us some of the details behind the narrative.

Here are a few interesting statistics from the big overtime win.

1: Game-winning drive by Russell Wilson. Wilson is the man. Think he might be an “elite” quarterback now?

4: Total combined sacks in the game. Even the elusive Wilson gets caught every so often. Peyton Manning just gets rid of the ball really quickly. Manning certainly isn’t mobile.

36: Yards rushing by the Denver offense. Did you get a sense that this was a lost cause all afternoon?

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38 (and four seconds): Time of possession for the Seahawks. A little better than last week, don’t you think?

42: Longest pass of the day thrown by Peyton Manning. Second-longest was 26. Third-longest was 15. Welcome to the modern NFL. Lots of short passes underneath, particularly against a defense like the Seahawks.

49: Pass attempts by Peyton Manning. Did Manning throw the ball this many times because the running game was not working, he thought the Seahawks defense was vulnerable, or because Manning just likes to throw? Probably a little bit of all three.

88: Yards rushing by Marshawn Lynch. Last week, the announcers was aghast at the meager carries by Beast Mode. Somehow we knew the Seahawks would try to pound the ball this week.

384: Yards of total offense by the Seahawks. Seattle is still not regarded by many as having a potent offense, but that isn’t a bad total for yardage. A few more points would have been nice, but Denver had 332 yards on the day.

What do you think? What numbers stood out to you? Let us know in the comments.

Try to be patient during the bye week. Don’t worry, the Seahawks will be back soon.