Seattle Seahawks News: Richard Sherman Doesn’t Need the Ball


Apparently, Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks needs the ball. I’m sorry, why?

In a recent interview, Sherman was quoted as saying:

"I’m flattered, but it doesn’t make much sense to me. As a ballplayer, if you don’t get the ball, you don’t have as much impact. I need the ball."

Look, I get it. Players want to be part of the action. If you are a defensive player, you want to get picks, make tackles or at least be in on a big play. The same goes for star hitters (Robinson Cano) in baseball who don’t want to be intentionally walked all the time.

Still, Sherman “needs” the ball? What does that even mean?

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Much was made of the fact that Aaron Rodgers did not throw any balls at Sherman during Seattle’s convincing 36-16 win in Week 1. However, that may have had as much to do with the reality that Jordy Nelson versus Byron Maxwell was working quite well.

Sherman may be intimidating some quarterbacks. Isn’t that a good thing?

Let’s assume that Sherman has developed a reputation for being a true, shutdown corner. Isn’t that what the team wants? If opposing offenses were restricted to half the field and the safeties could shade over on every passing play, wouldn’t that give the team an advantage?

Sure seems like it.

If quarterbacks are throwing at Sherman, it means that they aren’t afraid of him. It means that they feel like they can pick on anyone in the Seattle secondary. There probably aren’t many quarterbacks that really believe that, but the point is that Sherman should celebrate if he is taking away half the field.

Advantage: Seahawks.

Something tells me that Philip Rivers is going to take a few shots at Sherman when the ‘Hawks visit the San Diego Chargers in Week 2. We will then see if Sherman really wants the ball thrown his way.