Seattle Seahawks News: Percy Harvin Is Back


I knew Percy Harvin was going to be electric for the Seattle offense this season, returning from multiple injuries that held him out for the majority of last season.  As much as I have been raving about him, I didn’t give him enough credit.

Originally my thoughts were that Harvin would be the comeback player of the year, and make the Seahawks offense better.  After his performance against the Packers, it’s clear Harvin is looking to blow up any defense that tries to contain him.

Harvin was given 11 touches.  We saw him workout wide, in the slot, and he was given the green light on multiple jet sweeps.  He didn’t find the end zone, but he did rush for 41 yards, and tallied up 59 receiving yards as well.

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Percy Harvin truly is the NFL’s “weapon x.”  There is virtually nothing he can’t do, and proving that against a defense that includes Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers surely created a buzz amongst the other teams watching the Thursday night opener.

Of course, with Harvin, health is always an area of concern.  However, with a coach like Pete Carroll, you can count on Harvin being fully unleashed each and every game of the year.

Seattle has a tough schedule this season, but then again Seattle is the toughest team in the league.  Last nights dismantling of the Packers is further proof that the Emerald City boasts the best team in all of football.

There is no reason for myself or anyone else to doubt that the path to the Super Bowl for any NFC team will once again be through Seattle.  With a fully healthy Percy Harvin headlining the passing game, the future is looking extremely bright for the Seahawks.