Seattle Seahawks Position Battles: The Argument for Terrelle Pryor


It is interesting that we are talking about a player and a position that we hope will never see the field. Whomever ends up as the backup quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, the desire will be that he does not have to play.


Terrelle Pryor is the “intriguing” athlete, but he could also be a wasted talent since he isn’t necessarily going to switch to another position or come in for some crazy two-QB sets. Therefore, you wonder if the Seahawks might go with the known quantity in Tarvaris Jackson. He is the safe pick, even if he isn’t the selection with the most upside.

Pryor has been fun to watch in the preseason, but that statement must be accompanied by a grain of salt. Actually, several grains of salt. Maybe a whole shaker.

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After all, this is preseason. As in, the first unit is not on the field for very long on either side of the ball.

Still, Pryor is much younger and still has that possibility of making an impact. Of course there is the obvious question of how he is going to do that with an established quarterback ahead of him.

The Seahawks could go with three quarterbacks, but is that a good use of roster spots? If Russell Wilson were to get hurt, chances are that the Seahawks could go out and sign a veteran to add depth.

If not, apparently Kam Chancellor can play QB. Just sayin’.

The downside to Pryor is that he hasn’t proven he can be an effective quarterback in the NFL. Granted, he was with the Oakland Raiders so he did not necessarily have the best supporting cast.

Jackson’s contract for $1.25 million is guaranteed, but we aren’t talking about the type of money that might compel the Seahawks to keep him if they wanted to go with two quarterbacks. Letting him hit the market is not out of the realm of possibility.

We will know soon as the Seahawks prepare for their third preseason game. Time is ticking down. Perhaps both quarterbacks will keep their jobs. Then again, one might be looking for work very soon.