Seattle Seahawks News: Nice to Avoid the Johnny Manziel Drama


This is not a story about the Cleveland Browns. Instead, this is a story about the Seattle Seahawks, and how nice it is to be in a place where the franchise is not dealing with quarterback drama.

Quarterback: Russell Wilson. Check.

Isn’t it great to be in Seattle right now, and not Cleveland? While outlets like ESPN provide a nauseating amount of preseason snap-by-snap coverage of the Browns, the Seahawks are sitting pretty with an established franchise quarterback.

Correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t the Browns 4-12 last season? Is Johnny Manziel going to propel Cleveland straight into the playoffs if he happens to become the starter?

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Forgive me if I have my doubts.

This over-the-top coverage does remind us of one thing, which is how important the quarterback position is in the NFL. While the minute-to-minute updates have been a bit annoying, this is a key decision. In today’s NFL, teams just do not do well without a talented quarterback.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks know what it is like to struggle at quarterback, but thankfully the top slot is solidly filled right now. Sure, the Seahawks do have to establish their pecking order, and it will be interesting to see whether Tarvaris Jackson or Terrelle Pryor can win the backup job.

However, the backup QB position is not exactly the most crucial question for the Seahawks right now.

Have fun with the preseason, Cleveland fans. Maybe you’ll get a franchise quarterback out of the position battle. Then again, maybe you won’t.