Seattle Seahawks Can Be a Dynasty


The Seattle Seahawks can be a dynasty, but this is not breaking news. Still, it continues to be an area of speculation, as the ‘Hawks prepare to defend their first Super Bowl title.

One problem with this discussion is the definition of particular words. In this case, what is a “dynasty?”

There isn’t a specific number attached to this concept. If you win two in a row, you probably aren’t awarded the title of dynasty. With three wins, your dynasty status is pretty solid, even if those titles occur over the course of 4-5 years.

Granted, sports is very much an environment of “what have you done for me lately.” If the Seahawks do not win the Super Bowl this season, much of the dynasty talk will quickly evaporate.

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The latest analysis of Seattle’s chance of being a dynasty has all of the usual elements that we already know. Talented, young quarterback. Gifted, aggressive defense. Enthusiastic coach. Advantageous salary cap situation (for now).

Of course, everything looks good when you are winning. The rookies look like potential Pro Bowlers. Stars are happy. However, lose a few games and suddenly the stars will look overpaid and the youngsters won’t look like they have the same potential.

We have seen this before, and we will see it again. Teams can rise and fall very quickly in the NFL, even if they seemingly have everything working for them at the time.

For the Seahawks, the goal is to make the playoffs. They cannot set their sights on the Super Bowl just yet, because anything can happen in the postseason. The regular season record is obviously important in terms of seeding, but the key is being one of the select few to keep playing in January.

Once the playoffs start, anyone can get hot. That can work for or against a team like the Seahawks.

Dynasty? Certainly a possibility. One thing at a time. This team is loaded with talent, but they have to execute. In a stacked NFC West, that will be easier said than done.

It should be a fun year, and who knows? Maybe this time next we will be able to confidently put “Seahawks” and “dynasty” in the same sentence.