Seattle Seahawks News: Countdown to Training Camp


Soon the wait will be over, and the Seattle Seahawks will really get back to the business of winning football games. Training camp is just days away, and the sold-out crowds of eager fans will get to see their favorite team begin the quest to defend their first title in franchise history.

Every training camp has a level of drama as players fight for positions and coaches look to see who might emerge as future starters and eventual stars. The Seahawks will have a number of intriguing storylines, but it is nice to have so many core positions solidified before preseason even begins.

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We will get to see Tarvaris Jackson and Terrelle Pryor fight it out for the privilege of backing up Russell Wilson and holding a clipboard. In addition, we will get to see if Christine Michael can truly take touches away from Marshawn Lynch, or if that is still a season away.

Training camp will be an opportunity for certain players from last year’s draft to show why they were picked in the first place, despite struggling with injuries last season. These players include Tharold Simon, Jesse Williams and Jordan Hill.

Then there are the rookies from the 2014 class, and it will be interesting to see whether wide receivers Paul Richardson and Kevin Norwood can find roles in the Seattle system. Fans will also be curious to see whether rookie offensive tackle Justin Britt is ready for the big time.

Finally, there are the unknowns, the players that no one is talking about right now but have the potential to turn heads once camp gets going. Who are those people? Right now, it is hard to tell but given the history of the Seahawks, those diamonds in the rough are there somewhere.

Summer is rolling along and it is time to start getting excited about the NFL season. This could be another exciting year for the Seattle Seahawks, and it all starts with a good camp.