Seattle Seahawks Big Year Capped Off At ESPY’s


It was a night to remember for the Seattle Seahawks at the 2014 ESPY awards hosted by ESPN.  Things kicked off with Richard Sherman winning the “Breakout Athlete Of The Year” award.  Later in the night, Russell Wilson was called to the stage with Jessica Alba to present an award, and soon after that the show’s host, hip hop star Drake, was seen wearing a Marshawn Lynch jersey.

It was an emotional night full of laughs, tear-jerking tales, and feel-good stories.  Individuals were recognized for great achievements, Ronda Rousey was voted the most iconic female athlete of the year, and Stewart Scott and Michael Sam motivated the audience with their tales of personal struggle and perseverance.

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The end of the night was a hit for Seahawks fans and players alike, as the team was awarded with the “Best Team Of The Year” honors for their miraculous 2014 campaign that was, as we all know, capped off by a huge Super Bowl win.

That feels like the closing of this chapter in Seahawks football history.  2014: The most memorable season to date for the men representing the great Pacific Northwest.  The conclusion of this year’s ESPY’s marks the beginning of a new narrative for Seattle. Kickoff is less than two months out now, and the anticipation is high.  The mysteries of who will do what will soon be revealed.

This year was indeed a great one for the Seattle Seahawks, who promise that the good times will only continue to roll, well into 2015.