Richard Sherman vs. Michael Crabtree: Time To Let It Go


We love rivalries in sports, particularly when they are between star players over a number of years. In today’s NFL, there are certainly rivalries but in 2013 there was no rivalry that received more notoriety than Richard Sherman versus Michael Crabtree. Apparently, Sherman is still upset with Crabtree.

The “Immaculate Deflection” coupled with Sherman’s postgame rant in the NFC Championship game was Internet gold, and Sherman cemented his reputation as a trash talker that could back up his game. As fun as that moment was for Seattle Seahawks fans, this particular story is starting to get a little old.

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Certainly there is the reality that some players use rivalries to fuel their competitive drive. Seahawks fans want Sherman to keep his edge, but they also want him to make sure that his performance matches his mouth.

Now, I didn’t want to have to do this, but Sherman has left me no choice. In reference to the rivalry with Crabtree, I would just tell Mr. Sherman to “let it go,” but there happens to be a song with that theme. Notice I included the sing-along version for those of you who want to follow the words:

Yes, I just mixed Richard Sherman and the movie, “Frozen.” It had to be done. Admittedly, the song is not really about one-on-one battles between wide receivers and cornerbacks, but the general theme fits.

You want Sherman to maintain the swagger, because that is part of his effectiveness. However, you don’t want Crabtree to become a focal point.

Crabtree is not a terrible receiver, and there is exists the very real possibility that at some point he may burn Sherman. Besides, if Crabtree is such a sorry receiver he isn’t worth talking about, right?

Let it go, Mr. Sherman, let it go.