Seattle Seahawks Position Battle: Tarvaris Jackson or Terrelle Pryor?


It seems reasonable to assume that the Seattle Seahawks will not carry three quarterbacks on their roster. The Seahawks have always been about depth, but that isn’t a position that necessarily needs three players.

Of course, the backup quarterback is arguably the most useless roster spot on the team. That is, it is unless until the starting quarterback gets hurt or is ineffective. Then, it suddenly becomes one of the most important positions on the team and franchises are critiqued if they didn’t prepare for this particular need.

Tarvaris Jackson or Terrelle Pryor? Which would you choose?

The short answer? It depends.

What it depends on is what Pete Carroll wants from this position. Do you want a guy who is more familiar with the offense, the team and the culture? A known quantity in the lock room? Then T-Jack is your man.

Or, do the Seahawks want a player that is a more intriguing athlete, and who may have the always desirable but ultimately nebulous “upside?” Then perhaps Pryor will get the job.

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There has been some speculation that Pryor may switch positions, but that seems unlikely at this point, particularly with the depth that the Seahawks have at various positions. The guy wants to be a quarterback, and the are enough quarterback-needy teams in the NFL that he can probably still make a living at that position.

There is a little bit of an age issue, but older players can often be more acceptable at the quarterback position. Jackson is 31, and he represents the savvy veteran leadership that football teams need. Pryor just turned 25, so if youth is wanted at the backup position, he has a clear advantage.

In the end, the job may belong to T-Jack. It will be one of the more interesting position battles for the Seahawks this summer, particularly during preseason when these two players will theoretically be given an opportunity to showcase their ability. That is, assuming both players make it that far.