Seattle Seahawks News: Michael Robinson Is Likely To Retire


After a fantastic eight years in the NFL, fullback Michael Robinson is leaning toward hanging up his jersey and calling it a career.

His health has been an issue.  He was in and out of hospitals last offseason with kidney and liver issues.  He was cut, then re-signed by the Seahawks.  As a fullback you take your bumps and bruises, doing everything you can to clear a path for the running back.  Considering he was the fullback for Marshawn Lynch, his job was that much more physical.

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Playing the role of a human shield for eight years is sure to take it’s toll on anyone.  Truth be told, it is probably better for Robinson to retire a Super Bowl champion rather than fizzling out on the roster of another team where nobody would really know much about him.

Lucky for Mike Rob, he is a well-respected, outspoken, charismatic man who would have no problem finding a role as an analyst, something he has expressed interest in.  His YouTube show, The Real Rob Report has captured the attention of Seahawks fans, and he would likely be a perfect fit alongside other TV personalities.

So there will be life in football outside of playing for Robinson.  It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a guy like Robinson, but it just may be the time to do exactly that.  And while we all hate to see him go, you can’t knock a guy for leaving the league with good health, a good career, and a shiny new championship ring.