Joe Montana: Seattle Seahawks Could Build a Dynasty


The fact that the current era of the Seattle Seahawks could turn into a dynasty is not a new idea. This has been suggested by a variety of people, and not just loyal fans.

When you combine a young, talented defense with a dynamic quarterback like Russell Wilson and an energetic coach like Pete Carroll, you have the potential for multiple Super Bowl wins. If the Seahawks can stay healthy, this team can stay on top of the NFL.

Recently, Joe Montana was asked about this Seahawks team. He had this to say:

What is interesting about this interview is that he talked about a fun workplace. A fun workplace? That is the key to creating a dynasty?

Apparently so. Mr. Montana has probably earned the right to be considered an expert on NFL dynasties. After all, the San Francisco 49ers did pretty well when he was with the team.

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Now, will coach Carroll continue to create a “fun” workplace and will that be enough? Hardly. However, it remains an interesting perspective. Football players may have unique jobs, but they are still human beings.

Everyone wants to enjoy going to work. Right now, the Seahawks are having a lot of fun at the office. According to Joe Montana, that makes a big difference in the NFL.