Seahawks News: Training Camp Can’t Come Soon Enough


Is it time from training camp yet?

For the rabid football fan, this may be the hardest part of the year. The NFL is in the news almost 12 months a year, though the time between mini-camp and training camp can be hard for some fans.

Workouts will continue for teams like the Seattle Seahawks, but now the faithful followers have to hurry up and wait for their team to get back together. For diehard pigskin fans, July 24 can’t come soon enough.

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For fans of a team like the Seahawks, the anticipation goes beyond the standard excitement about the coming season. After celebrating the first Super Bowl win in team history, the fans could breath a collective sigh of relief.

This is not to suggest that the fans will be content with one title. This team has the talent to win another Lombardi Trophy and seriously compete with the NFL elite for the next couple of seasons.

The difference this year is that many fans of the Seahawks will be able to enjoy the season more. For longtime supporters, last season was amazingly fun. However, dedicated fans know that with expectations there can be a mix of enjoyment and stress.

Last season definitely had those elements for the Seahawks.

Now that the title has been won, there will be some fans who can approach the year with a little less anxiety. Winning another championship would be great, but some of the angst attached to decades of hope has already been addressed.

Fans will be just as loud at CenturyLink Field, and there will undoubtedly be frustration when the ‘Hawks struggle. That said, hopefully some of the fans can relish the victory from last season and not be so concerned about missing an opportunity to capitalize on a special roster.

Patience, Seattle fans. July 24th will be here soon.