Seattle Seahawks News: Marshawn Lynch in Camp After All


Well, I guess we got that one wrong.

Last week the buzz was that Marshawn Lynch was going to hold out. Or, he was going to retire and enjoy a life of zero media expectations.

One week later, the story has changed a bit. Lynch is in camp and the Seattle Seahawks have their starting running back again. For now.

What happened in the course of a week? There are a couple of possible scenarios. One scenario is that the “anonymous sources” who caused this story to spread like wildfire were just plain wrong. It has happened before. It will happen again.

The other scenario is that Lynch realized his precarious situation, or someone talked some sense into him. He may be worth more money based on his current value to the team, but professional sports will always have inequality when it comes to pay. The Seahawks were not necessarily going to give him more money in the middle of a deal.

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Some guys are always underpaid, while others make big dollars and never live up to the salary. Granted the latter of the two examples is typically more of a problem in the NBA and MLB, where contracts are long and guaranteed.

I suppose you could argue Lynch could still hold out, but that seems unlikely at this point. You don’t leak the possibility of not showing up, show up and then decide not to show up later.

Now, Lynch is a unique person in terms of attendance at team functions, so anything is possible. However, it seems reasonable to assume that Beast Mode will again be pounding the football between the tackles in 2014 and giving Russell Wilson a powerful weapon in the offense.

Welcome back, Mr. Lynch. We’re glad that you never officially left.

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