Seahawks News: Kevin Williams Took Less Money to Play for Seattle


Kevin Williams wanted to play for the Seattle Seahawks, and he was willing to take less money in order to compete for a championship. At least, that it what he says.

How much less, you ask? According to reports, it was “a little less money.”

The number may never be known, and truthfully it may not have been a lot of cash. Williams signed a one-year deal, and at his age he is not going to be making Richard Sherman or Earl Thomas money.

Still, it says something about the Seahawks as an attractive destination for free agents. Winning does that to a franchise, even if a team does not play in “big market.”

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Williams is not necessarily going to play a huge role with the Seahawks, but he is the kind of addition that only strengthens an already dominant defense. Ideally you build a team with a core of young, gifted athletes, and then build depth with a combination of hungry youth and savvy (and affordable) veterans.

Before we get too caught in the nobility of chasing a title, Williams isn’t playing for free. Everyone wants to get paid and Williams has been around long enough to know that the Seahawks are in no way guaranteed to win again this season.

That said, Williams may turn out to be a key piece even if he is not playing nearly as many snaps as he has in past years. Welcome to the team, Mr. Williams. We’re glad the (discounted) money worked out for you.

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