Richard Sherman Wants Legion of Boom on Madden 15 Cover


Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is going to be on the Madden 15 cover after beating out Cam Newton in the fan-driven contest. Of course, he has a few creative suggestions.

Namely, he wants his teammates on the cover with him. Certainly a good idea. Sherman was quoted as saying:

"I’ve been trying to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, and EA has been fighting me. So if everybody wants to start a petition to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, here it is, here’s an open invitation."

Good luck with that, Mr. Sherman. It is a nice gesture, particularly because there is truth to his other statements that he would not be the player that he is without his talented teammates.

The problem is that Sherman is probably not going to get anywhere with this suggestion. EA Sports is in the business of marketing single athletes on the covers of their products. If they wanted to market teams, they would simply put helmets on the cover.

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Now, there may be fans who are willing to throw their support behind Sherman’s suggestion. Those that believe in the Madden “curse” would be happy to sign Sherman’s petition. After all, if opposing fans could take down the whole defense in one mouse click, wouldn’t they jump at the chance?

In the end, this probably isn’t going to work. Sherman will be on the cover of Madden 15. Alone.

Don’t worry, Mr. Sherman. The Legion of Boom is always with you, even if you can’t see them in the picture.

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