Seattle Seahawks News: Russell Wilson Is Worth $20 Million Per Year


In the not-so-distant future, the Seattle Seahawks will need to negotiate a contract extension with Russell Wilson. Colin Kaepernick got $110 million. Will Wilson get $120 million? $130 million? $140 million?

If Wilson gets $20 million per year, it will be worth it.

Now, it is easy to say all of this right after Wilson led the ‘Hawks to a Super Bowl. If (perish the thought) Wilson has a lousy year and the Seahawks miss the playoffs, fans might change their tune a bit.

Somehow I think Wilson will have a pretty good year.

Here is the thing about quarterbacks in the NFL. Teams with great quarterbacks are consistent winners. The effective QB makes other people around him better. The franchises that struggle tend to be those who have an inconsistent signal-callers under center.

A great quarterback is the key. The rest can be built around him.

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Obviously the Seahawks have to be careful that they do not restrict their payroll flexibility by tying up too much money. When you add up the contracts of Wilson, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Percy Harvin, there is a lot of money being paid to a limited number of players.

This is why guys like Sidney Rice, Red Bryant and Chris Clemons get cut every year. Still good players, but just too expensive.

Will Wilson give the Seahawks a “hometown discount?” Possibly. We will have to wait and see. The bottom line is that Russell Wilson is probably going to sign a fairly large contract, and if the ‘Hawks make another run at the Super Bowl in 2014, the team will be happy to pay up.

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