Seattle Seahawks News: Richard Sherman Can Handle the Madden Curse


Congratulations to Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, who has been selected by the fans to grace the cover of Madden 15. Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers did his best to rally support, but the popularity of Sherman was just too much.

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Granted, Sherman probably pick up a few votes from rival fans who are hoping that he falls victim of the Madden “curse.”

First of all, there is no curse. If you want to find a Ph.D. researcher and attempt to show a causal relationship between being on the cover and having a bad season, be my guest. Superstitions can be tough to prove with statistics.

Secondly, even if there was a curse, Richard Sherman would just deliver his usual smack talk and the curse would run away in fear. Personally, I still like the Muppets version of Sherman’s famous rant:

Now, if Sherman has a down year or gets hurt, I’m sure there will be those that blame the cover. Go ahead. It won’t change the fact that players have up and down years and sometimes get hurt. Welcome to the realities of football.

In the meantime, Sherman is on the cover and that is something to be celebrated. When you win a Super Bowl and play the game like he does, you deserve to be recognized. Maybe Cam Newton will invite Sherman over to play the new game when it arrives in stores.

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