Washington football: How the Huskies matchup against each WSU unit

Jake Browning, Washington Huskies. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Jake Browning, Washington Huskies. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) /
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Washington football
Ty Jones, Washington football. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

vs. WSU defensive line

Washington State leads PAC-12 in sacks. Although they have had some lapses, the Huskies matchup well in pass protection. The experienced Huskies line should also be able to handle Wazzu’s active front four, especially with Trey Adams back in the lineup. Even if Washington State’s D-line is somewhat small, they still make plays and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

vs. WSU linebackers

This is one area where UW might have some trouble. Although he is no BBK, Peyton Pelluer is very good. You might even say he’s BBK-Lite. Outside linebacker Jahad Woods is also very good. Both have the ability to plug holes, so even if Myles Gaskin breaks through the line, he might not get very far. The group also does a good job defending the short pass.

vs. WSU Secondary

The defensive backs have been the week spot of the WSU defense. Their smaller corners have had difficulty covering tall athletic receivers all season. 6′ 4” Ty Jones will have a definite matchup advantage, as will tight end Drew Sample. If there is one area for Washington quarterback Jake Browning to exploit, this is it.

Playing against the Washington State Defense

If I were part of the Huskies coaching staff, this is how I would scheme against the Washington State Cougars defense. I’d try to get Myles Gaskin in space, out in the flat, and let him take his chances breaking tackles. Next, I would try to get single coverage on Jones and go to him often. If Sample can get downfield use him too. When the opportunity presents its self, throw the deep ball to Aaron Fuller.