Washington Football: What we learned from Chris Petersen’s presser 10/1

Chris Petersen, Jake Browning, Washington football. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Chris Petersen, Jake Browning, Washington football. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

After a big non-conference win over BYU on Saturday, Washington football head coach Chris Petersen held his weekly Monday morning press conference. Here are three things we learned from it.

Washington football coach Chris Petersen spoke to the media at his press conference following a dominating 35-7 win over #20 BYU and had much to be delighted about heading into this week’s game with UCLA. Here are some of the things we learned from Coach Petersen.

The running game has been on his mind

Right off the top, Petersen talked about how important it was to have the running game producing against the BYU defense. He went on to say that he was pleased with the backs and offensive line and how they set the tone early.

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He actually didn’t even notice that quarterback Jake Browning was such an efficiencient passer during the game because he was focused on the run. Petersen’s concern entering the game was that BYU tends to play conservatively in the secondary and doesn’t allow big passing plays. The running game’s success, led by Myles Gaskin, was vital in helping Browning and the passing game.

Coach Petersen will discuss nothing negative

When asked about kicker Peyton Henry missing two field goals. He stressed that Henry is a good kicker and that the misses are not a concern. I think this speaks to the bigger picture. Chris Petersen has been very positive throughout the season, including the early part, following the loss to Auburn, and the so-so play shortly after.

Petersen has done a great job showing confidence in his players and it has shown. The team has turned some early inconsistencies into strengths. The Huskies running game, offensive line, and quarterback play have all improved. Washington’s defense continues to shine, as well. Petersen and his staff have had their players’ backs and it is showing dividends.

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Petersen knew all along that Ben Burr-Kirven was a really, really good player. He started BBK last year because he is smart, crafty and fearless. The coach would worry about BBK staying healthy, but he is a tough guy who is a big part of the defense. In fact, Petersen pointed to Burr-Kirven creating the turnover which seized momentum for UW before the half.

Petersen finished by saying that it was the team’s best overall performance. He liked what he saw both offensively and defensively.  The crowd was also a factor on third downs, causing a couple of false starts. It’s great to play at home, but it seems this Huskies team can compete with anyone, anywhere.

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The Washington Huskies head to Los Angeles for a PAC-12 game against UCLA.