Seattle Basketball: Finding a Hoops Oasis in an NBA Desert

While we’ve all been waiting for NBA magic to return to Seattle basketball, there’s magic in the air, but it’s going down at the Tacoma Dome.

Guess what? Seattle is on the short list for NBA expansion teams, but the city isn’t quite there yet. With legal headaches and arena feasibility issues, it’s not likely that an NBA team is coming before 2020.

As such, you’ll have to settle for rooting for your second favorite team (um … the Blazers?) or continuing your love/hate relationship with Kevin Durant (may the Lord bless his hyper-extended knee) as you knowingly pat the abandoned Oklahoma City fans on the head.

What to do, then, about your love of hardcourt this time of year? The closest March Madness contenders are in Spokane and Eugene.

The answer? Look no further than the future March Madness players right in your backyard. Nathan Hale high school, coached by Brandon Roy (yes, the former UW star) is ranked #1 in America and will play for the state title this weekend.

To the Tacoma Dome!

Let me say that again: a local Seattle basketball team, led by one of Seattle basketball’s favorite sons, is the top high school team in the entire nation.

To win the 3A State Championship, they will likely have to go through Garfield high school. The Garfield Bulldogs are ranked 40th in the nation and their frontcourt includes Shawn Kemp‘s son Jamon.

Nathan Hale is 26-0 and led by Michael Porter Jr, ESPN’s #1 player in the nation. Porter Jr had no problem dropping 34 points and 20 rebounds on Garfield earlier this year.

A rematch this weekend would take place in the title game. This promises to be the most intense high school basketball game Washington has seen since Roy himself suited up – oh, and he just happened to play high school ball at Garfield.

Would you have gone and seen LeBron James play if he was fighting for a state championship? Of course you would’ve, and Porter Jr will be shaking Adam Silver’s hand on that NBA stage in no more than three years’ time.

When can I see Seattle basketball history in the making?

The title game takes place at the Tacoma Dome this Saturday at 5pm, and the lead-up games are this Thursday and Friday at the same venue. Full bracket details are available by clicking here.

If you miss this opportunity to witness high-level Seattle basketball, Porter Jr is committed to play at UW next year as part of the nation’s #2 recruiting class.

There may not be a Supersonics team playing in this decade. Take a deep breath. This fact doesn’t have to squelch your love of hoops – Seattle hardcourt magic still exists!