The State of the Seattle Mariners Uniforms

Do the Seattle Mariners need new uniforms? If so, what should they look like? We took to Twitter to answer this burning question.

Spring training is next week. If anyone is like me, I am gobbling up any story on the upcoming baseball season and the Seattle Mariners.

It cannot come soon enough. It still feels like an eternity away when there is snow in my backyard at this very moment.

The Mariners’ first Spring Training game will be on February 25th. Last week the Mariners released a new Spring Training hat for this season. It meshes the old trident logo with the current colors of navy, silver, and “Northwest green.”

As this was released, I wanted to take the pulse of the fan base in what they thought of the current Mariners’ uniform scheme, which has been pretty consistent since 1993.

I created a few polls on social media and asked for comments on what Mariners fans would do with the uniforms if they were Seattle’s owner. I gave the fans four choices (as well as commenting on a different idea). Here are the results from the polls:

(Out of 75 responses)

  1. Model after new spring training hat (59%)
  2. Keep current scheme (21%)
  3. Bring back the trident logo and colors (15%)
  4. Make Sunday cream uniforms permanent (5%)

It is clear the fans in this survey like the current colors. It is also apparent the new Spring Training hats are being received very well. In fact, Sports Illustrated ranked the 8 new spring hats and chose the Mariners trident as the #1 new hat.

It seems like fans would love to see a concept where the new hat design is incorporated into the whole uniform. Judging by the positive response, I would say ownership should at least toy with the idea of an alternate uniform with said design.

Here are some of the comments I received from the fans that responded…

“I love the current (design) but 2017 is a huge year for us. A new home uniform would be awesome.”

“It would be nice to see the Spring Training hat be the new home hat.”

“Bring back the trident to the regular season.”

The trident is a beloved symbol in the great Pacific Northwest. However, the Mariners really became relevant (emergence of Ken Griffey Jr., four playoff appearances in seven seasons) once they changed to the uniforms that are very similar to today’s.

Why not combine the two?

It is clear the ownership is aware of what the fans like. That cannot be said about other teams. I personally love the current scheme with the “Northwest green” touch and cream Sundays. The only change I would make would be to resurrect the trident and incorporate it into the current uniforms.

These new hats could perhaps be a start to some new threads for the M’s. The MLB announced that starting in 2020, Under Armour, not Majestic, will supply Major League Baseball’s uniforms. We could be in for big changes on the horizon.

Could this be a start? Or just a trendy Spring Training gimmick? Share your thoughts in the comments section.