Projecting the Remaining Seattle Seahawks Schedule


Nov 15, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner (54) forces an incompletion on a pass intended for Arizona Cardinals tight end Darren Fells (85) during the second quarter at CenturyLink Field. The play was reviewed for a possible fumble, but the call on the field of an incompletion was maintained. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. NFL, you have a problem. This “football move” business is absolutely ridiculous. How you ruled the catch and subsequent fumble by Darren Fells an incomplete pass is beyond me. Oh, and the rest of the football world that isn’t wearing an Arizona Cardinals jersey also thinks you have no idea what you are doing. Good luck figuring that out.

You do seem to have that pass interference thing figured out. The rule seems to be that any pass involving the Seattle Seahawks secondary will automatically result in a flag. Have you thought about converting to flag football and removing the tackle altogether? That might be easier to officiate.

Alright, maybe that is too snarky. It just seems like the refs were a little overzealous with the yellow hankies against the Seahawks. Maybe they should have kept their eye on the play clock a few more times as it ticked down to :00 before Carson Palmer snapped the ball.

Tough odds ahead.

The Seahawks are back to being an underdog, which is right where the NFL wants them. How dare they take the spotlight from east coast and traditional Midwest franchises?

Perhaps that is better. This squad is still loaded with talent, and maybe sneaking up on people will help them in the second half. Granted, I don’t think opponents out there have forgotten what this team can do.

The NFL and their punishment of defenses hasn’t helped, but the Seahawks have mostly dug this hole. Some of the problems are in theory simple, but they don’t necessarily have a great solution. The offensive line just isn’t providing enough consistent protection, and Russell Wilson can’t get into a rhythm.

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Meanwhile, the defensive line is not putting consistent pressure on the quarterback. This puts extra pressure on the secondary, and opens them up to more PI calls, particularly since that seems to be the favorite NFL penalty these days.

Can the Seahawks still make the playoffs? They can, but it won’t be easy and playing above average for the rest of the year probably isn’t going to get it done. It would be nice if the ‘Hawks could make the playoffs, if only so we don’t have to hear “analysts” spout their lack of statistical knowledge and try to draw a causal link between losing the Super Bowl and not making the postseason the final year.

But, I digress again. Forgive me.

Seven games to go. A seven-game winning streak would be nice, and even that might not ensure a playoff spot. Tough odds ahead.

The Seahawks should be able to beat the San Francisco 49ers at home. If they can’t beat the ‘Niners at the Clink this week, the season is essentially over. Pittsburgh is also beatable, but that won’t be an easy victory. Going on the road against the resurgent Minnesota Vikings is going to be tough. Figure on the Seahawks beating the Ravens on the road and the Browns in front of the home faithful. Victories over the Rams at home and the Cardinals on the road are also not going to be easy.

Realistically, they could lose to the Vikings, and a reasonably conservative fan might suggest that they might get one win in the last two games against division rivals. If that plays out, the ‘Hawks would be 9-7. At that point, they would need some help. Make that a lot of help.

Sorry to be a downer, but this is not an easy path for the Seahawks. Too bad the ‘Hawks aren’t in the AFC South or the NFC East. Keep the faith, Seattle fans. It isn’t over yet, but there is a long, hard road ahead.