Seahawks Vs. Rams: Seattle The Favorite By 4.5 Points


Are you an NFL player? Do you play for the Seattle Seahawks or the St. Louis Rams? If so, this is not the post for you. This is a post about gambling. If you’re an NFL player you should not bet on NFL games. You could get in lots of trouble! It’s not worth it!

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For those of us who do not play in the NFL, the return of regular-season football means the return of regular-season gambling. Football betting is fun, simple, and a great way to lose money in frustrating and mostly-unpredictable fashion. You guess, you bet, and you keep those fingers crossed. There’s perhaps no simpler formula.

The Seattle Seahawks return most of the same team that won the NFC last year. Most of this team came within inches of a second consecutive Super Bowl victory. And so it should come as no surprise that the current incarnation of this team is favored to win in week one.

Spoiler alert: the Seahawks might be favorites every week this year. They’re an excellent team with a mammoth track record of recent success, and so it’s not at all unfair to suggest they might be better than every single opponent they face all season. But for now there’s just their week one opponent to consider. And against St. Louis, the Seahawks are 4.5 point favorites.

Since the start of the Pete Carroll era in Seattle, the Seahawks have played St. Louis ten times. They’ve won seven of those games, though the Rams have been luckier against the ‘Hawks as of late. Perhaps more importantly for the purposes of betting, the Rams are actually 5-5 against the spread over that same span. When you’re not expected to win, you don’t necessarily have to win in order to “win.”

In order to beat the spread, the Seahawks need to win by more than a field goal. Call me crazy but… that doesn’t sound like a particularly tall task. The Seahawks themselves will be the first to tell you that St. Louis plays a very similar brand of football to the one that has become famous in Seattle, but that doesn’t mean the two teams are evenly-matched. In all honesty, the 4.5 point spread seems flattering to the Rams, who are perpetual seven-game winners (except last season, when they won six games).

In week one the Seattle Seahawks are 4.5-point favorites. They’re guaranteed not to score than exact amount, given that it’s impossible, but I’d personally take them to win by five or more. The odds of a close game are pretty decent, but the odds of a game that’s decided by a single field goal seem remote. For all the trouble the St. Louis Rams have given the Seahawks in recent years, keep in mind that these are still the Seahawks we’re talking about. And the Seahawks are better than pretty much everyone.

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