Getting To Know The Seattle Mariners’ September Call-Ups

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Tony Zych

And of course, the September call-ups wouldn’t be complete without Tony Zych, who is a complete and total unknown! Until becoming a major leaguer yesterday I had never heard of Zych before. Like, not once. He’s been with the organization all season, it turns out, starting with Jackson and pitching his way to Tacoma. And now Seattle! And he’s now the last player alphabetically in major league history!

Zych is a 25-year-old who the Mariners acquired from the Cubs sometime before the start of the season, apparently. He saved four games with the Rainiers I guess? In 31.2 AAA innings this year he’s got a 3.41 ERA/3.11 FIP, 10.52 K/9, and 2.56 BB/9. Those are excellent numbers, and given Zych’s youth this is probably the team’s most exciting call-up, in terms of future potential.

Just because Zych has only been on our radar for a day doesn’t mean he isn’t the most intriguing of the recently-promoted Mariners. The M’s have an obvious need for relief talent – look at the mess that’s been this year’s bullpen! If Zych can carry any of what he’s done in Tacoma over to Seattle, then he’s got a real shot at contributing to this team next year when they’re hopefully a little more competent. He might really be something! And we’re about to find out!

So the Mariners now have a backup for the up-the-middle positions. They’ve got an OF/DH to replace the 1B/DH they just demoted, and they’ve got two hard-throwing new bullpen options. There may yet be more to come, but for now let’s appreciate what we’ve got. The Seattle Mariners might not be good, but at least there are now new names. Which makes things a little easier to bear, right? Right?!!

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