Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett Shine In Seattle Seahawks Preseason Loss


Preseason football isn’t about wins and losses. That’s not to say there aren’t wins and losses – every game ends with one team having one and one team having loss. But the wins and losses aren’t yet what’s important – that comes later, in the regular season. For now it’s just about development and promise. Take note of that, Seattle Seahawks fans.

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The Seattle Seahawks lost their preseason opener yesterday, falling 22-20 to the Denver Broncos in a rematch of the ‘Hawks first-ever Super Bowl win. The game was played and lost, but the result is more or less irrelevant. What’s important is the way the team’s individual players looked on field. And for a pair of important youngsters, this game could hardly have been more encouraging.

Recent draftees Tyler Lockett and Frank Clark proved to be the undisputed highlights in a game that saw the offensive line struggle to communicate while Tarvaris Jackson, Chris Matthews, and Mohammed Seisay suffered injuries. It wasn’t all positive for the Seahawks, but thanks to the team’s most hyped rookies, there was plenty reason for excitement and optimism.

Let’s start with Lockett. The former Kansas State star came to Seattle at a high price – the Seahawks traded four draft picks to move up and draft him, with the hope being that he’d shore up the wide receiver position while providing a boost to special teams. The early returns are nothing short of thrilling.

Lockett is expected to play a big role returning kicks, and indeed, his first run of the game was a winding marvel up the middle of the field. But his most impressive moment – anyone’s most impressive moment, really – came when he ran 103 yards for a spectacular kickoff return touchdown. Lockett just exploded down the side of the field, gaining steam as he got closer and closer to his eventual endzone destination.

This wasn’t some kind of flukey drive – this was a smart route at a high speed by a guy who looks like he could have some serious offensive upside. The kid seems equipped with the kind of ability that could consistently help the Seahawks score. He’s been a training camp highlight and a player who’s been hyped since draft day. His first preseason game could hardly have gone better.

Clark was another touted 2015 draft pick, and he too had a standout game. The big play everyone will remember is the forced fumble. That was the first snap he’d played as a Seahawk, by the way. He stayed focused, made his way to the ball, and made an impact. What an introduction for the Seahawks’ second-rounder.

That wasn’t all. He had a big sack and nine tackles, and generally impressed throughout. What we all want Clark to be is a shutdown weapon. Yesterday he looked the part and played it, too. His game looked much more refined than you’d expect from a kid so new to the NFL. Clark is fast, strong, and smart on the field. He’s going to fit in nicely.

In Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett, the Seattle Seahawks hope to have future cornerstones for the defense and offense, respectively. Last night’s Super Bowl rematch might not have ended in victory, but that’s not what the ‘Hawks were playing for – they were playing to get a look at what their guys could do. And in the case of these two, it turns out they can do a lot. All the more reason to be excited for the upcoming season.

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