Jamie Moyer’s Notebook: New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners June 2, 2015


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New York Yankees (27-25) vs. Seattle Mariners (24-27) 7:10 PM PST

Pitching Matchup: C.C. Sabathia LHP (2-7, 5.67) vs. Mike Montgomery LHP (Major League Debut) 

Sabathia: He has been trending downwards since 2013, and is looking close to done in major league baseball. Opposing lineups have scored 11 runs against the big lefty in his last 8.1 IP. The last time he faced Seattle, the M’s teed off on him to the tune of nine hits and four runs in 5+ innings.

Mike Montgomery: The once-heralded Royals and Rays prospect will finally get a chance in the bigs. His first start will come against the New York Yankees in the midst of a losing streak for a team with high expectations. No pressure kid.


New York Yankees 

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1. Brett Gardner CF

2. Chris Young LF

3. Alex Rodriguez DH

4. Mark Teixeira 1B

5. Chase Headley 3B

6. Carlos Beltran RF

7. Jose Pirela 2B

8. John Ryan Murphy C

9. Stephen Drew SS

Notes: The Yanks go all in against the the young lefty, with 2-8 in New York’s order either right-handed or switch-hitters. The middle, however, is the same dangerous middle of the order that it has been all year long.

Seattle Mariners

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1. Austin Jackson CF

2. Willie Bloomquist SS

3. Robinson Cano 2B

4. Nelson Cruz RF

5. Kyle Seager 3B

6. Rickie Weeks DH

7. Logan Morrison 1B

8. Justin Ruggiano LF

9. Mike Zunino C

Notes: The world is back to normal with the first five in the order returning to what it has been all year with Jackson, (two-hitter of the day), Cano, Cruz and Seager. Rickie Weeks has to be running out of chances, after ending the Mariners’ comeback hopes with a momentum-killing double play in the eighth last night and still batting .181/.280/.278.

3 Things to Watch

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1. Be like Mike

We are currently in some kind of backwards universe right now where even Felix Hernandez can’t right the ship and get the Seattle Mariners back in the win column. Maybe that means that a rookie can?

2. Be like Mike (Z)

He went 3-3 against C.C last season, and 4-5 total in that game. The M’s could really use a long ball or two right now, and Sabathia has been serving them up on platters. Look for Zunino to go yard.

3. Free Willie

Bloomquist is batting .400/.489/.500 against Sabathia in 30 career at-bats. Last time Willie got the start due to a pitching matchup he liked, he hit the game-winning RBI double. With Chris Taylor back in the 253, Bloomquist will be getting a lot more playing time.

Last Game’s Predictions

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1. Cano he didn’t!–Out

Swing and a miss here, much like Cano last night. He went o-4 with two strikeouts, and continued swinging at pitches well outside the zone. He just isn’t seeing the ball like he has his entire career.

2. Ackley gets running–Out

He went 0-2 before being pinch-hit for, and misplayed a ball in left field. Not a good for the Ack-attack.

3. Camera shows A-Rod at least five times for no reason while in the dugout–Out

Have to give props to Root for not overdoing it with the A-Rod rhetoric. That didn’t stop the fans from having a field day of course.

Season Tally:

Outs: 38     Hits: 20     Batting Average: .345

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