Stupid Mariners Lose Stupid Series To Stupid Cleveland


For a couple days, the Seattle Mariners were a .500 team. It was a glorious couple of days, sandwiched around a day in which they were under .500. But that was then and this is now, and now the Mariners are two games under .500 after dropping the final two games of their four game set against the Cleveland Indians.

By losing three of four, the M’s have effectively sapped any and all enthusiasm they may have inadvertently created after their heartwarming sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays. This series was a real bummer, if only because of what it could have been. Should have been, if you’re feeling bullish. This is a team waiting for a breakthrough. Could have been this weekend, but alas. Maybe next time.

Not that nothing’s gone right for the Mariners over the past four days. Taijuan Walker! You all saw Taijuan Walker the other night, right? That was mental. Such a nice game. All they’ve done since then is suck, of course, which is a shame. And lose. Losing is often associated with sucking, as is the case here.

Robinson Cano hit a big home run yesterday. It was awesome! But then he went 0-4 today while stranding a critical baserunner. Even our bright spots aren’t really bright spots. Cano’s hitting .251 on the year, by the way. It’s June tomorrow.

No big deal. Right?! The Mariners have been here before. They’ve been here recently, but worse. This team is no further out of it than they were a game into their series in Tampa. Things just feel different right now because the M’s have gotten our hopes up and let us down, one right after the other. It stings, but really it’s not so different than it’s ever been.

This wouldn’t be so bad had the M’s not come so close to salvaging the split today. But then Dominic Leone had to walk in the winning run, part of a three-walk, three-run top of the 12th that made the decision of who loses his spot for Mike Montgomery‘s pending Tuesday start all the easier. There are painful ways to lose, and then there’s the team’s current worst reliever blowing it in a tight, important game. Remember the Leone from a year ago? Remember how Danny Farquhar is deservedly in AAA right now?

The 2015 Mariners have been a messy affair so far, and as of today that continues to be true. They’re not out of it, not by any stretch, but they are in a fairly crappy position and it’s all their own fault. This series was stupid. Stupid Mariners. Stupid baseball.

Felix Hernandez pitches tomorrow. Happy Felix Day! Felix vs. Michael Pineda at Safeco Field in front of lots and lots of people. It’s going to be terrific, and this weekend’s disappointing series should have no bearing on that whatsoever. Go entertainment. Go Felix. Go M’s.

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