Nelson Cruz Hit Three Homers In Four At-Bats


Do you like predictions? Here, I’ve got a prediction for you: Nelson Cruz is going to lead the AL in home runs this season.

Last night in the ninth inning, Cruz stepped to the plate against Houston Astros closer Luke Gregerson. He hit a home run. Today in the second inning, Cruz stepped to the plate against Astros starter Collin McHugh. He hit a home run.

For you or me that’s probably an all-time great accomplishment. Back-to-back plate appearances with a bomb, both coming against good pitchers! Amazing. But not for Cruz. For Cruz, that’s just the start.

He was out on a fly in the top of the third, if you can believe that. He faced McHugh again in the top of the sixth. Cruz, for the third time in four trips to the plate, deposited the baseball beyond the outfield fences.

This isn’t getting ridiculous – this has been ridiculous for going on a month now. There are some hitters who, whenever they get to the plate, you think about the possibility of them hitting a home run. Cruz is one of those players. Except right now, Cruz is just smashing homer after homer after homer.

Cruz added a single in the eight inning before being lifted for pinch runner Dustin Ackley. At the time of this writing, Cruz is batting .347 with thirteen homers and 25 RBI. The Mariners as a team have scored 86 runs. This is what it looks like when one guy is driving an entire MLB offense.

Nelson Cruz has 102 plate appearances this year. And thirteen homers. This is out of control and I love it. Long live the Boomstick!

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