Marcus Peters Drafted By Kansas City Chiefs At No. 19


It appears that being removed from the Washington Husky football team hasn’t hurt Marcus Peters all that much in terms of his NFL Draft stock. He has been taken with the 19th pick by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Peters was a mid-season All-American for the Dawgs before his dismissal. He was the third CB off the board and was picked even hi4gher than former UW star corner Desmond Trufant a few years back by Atlanta.

Because of his physicality, he would have been a fantastic addition to the Legion of Boom opposite Richard Sherman. Here is part of a  scouting report I did on Peters a few weeks back.

In my opinion, Peters is the most gifted CB in this draft. At 6’0″, 197 pounds and with 31 1/2″ arms, he is pretty much what you would build if you were creating-a-corner on Madden. He is the most physical college corner that I have ever seen. His best attribute is the way he redirects receivers and disrupts timing whenever he is in press coverage, but for the best examples of his physicality, watch the plays at 1:25, 5:37, 6:31 and 7:31 in the video below.

Not many corners are willing or able to be that aggressive. He won’t be able to push guys around like that in the NFL, but it is very impressive nonetheless.

Peters also plays with great instinct. By great, I don’t necessarily mean his instinct is always right, but he is always trying to anticipate routes and passes. Instinct and aggressiveness go well together.

Peters is also more than just a straight-line athlete, he has loose hips and is a fluid athlete all-around. He has the strength (and willingness) to make plays in the run game. Peters takes on blockers in space extremely well. Watch the play at 2:00 in the video. Watch how he evades the blockers using his quick feet, and strong hands and is still able to make the tackle. That’s what you want to see from a corner.

If he gets his emotions under control, Marcus Peters could be a tremendous pick-up for Kansas City.

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