Seattle Seahawks Have A Really Difficult Schedule And I Don’t Care


The Seattle Seahawks have the fourth toughest schedule in the NFL based on 2014’s results, with their opponents averaging a .561 winning percentage. They also begin the season with a 10 a.m. game in St. Louis against the Rams and a Sunday Night matchup with the Packers at Lambeau Field.

This caused quite an uproar on social media as people complained of NFL bias against Seattle.

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My response: Who freakin’ cares?!

Three of the Seahawks’ four regular season losses last season came against non-playoff teams. And they were 4-1 against teams that did make the playoffs.

Seattle’s success will not be determined by the teams they play. It sounds arrogant, which opposing fans love to point out, but the ‘Hawks are the best team in the NFL. If they show up, they will beat anyone, anywhere. If they don’t, they can lose to anyone, anywhere.

In fact, the more games against quality teams, the better. This is still a very young football team, and the experience garnered in big games against quality opponents in prime time slots is invaluable. Apologies in advance for bringing up the game that should not be named, but the fourth-quarter collapse against the New England Patriots in February is evidence of a team that still has some maturing to do.

This is one of the more difficult schedules in the NFL with the fourth highest opponent winning percentage, three prime-time road games and four road games against 2014 playoff teams.

But regardless, the Seattle Seahawks will win somewhere between 11-14 games. And I won’t try to predict which ones they win and which ones they lose. They will blow out some really good teams and lose some head-scratchers along the way. The teams on the other side of the field won’t dictate their success.

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