M’s Have Day Off So, Of Course, The Michael Grey!


This is the 40-Something Files! (Super Quick Follow Up Edition…)

A weekly take on the state of Seattle Sports through the lens of a guy whose four decades of fandom has earned too many scars, and seen too few celebrations.

I just happened to stumble upon a Michael Grey “sighting” on Sports Radio 950 KJR.  It appears that he was co-host “for a day” of The Ian Furness Show.

For a few hours anyway, and in spite of the M’s little league-esque debut to the 2015 campaign, all was well in the Seattle sports universe…

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Judging by the response on Twitter, I’m not the only sports fan who welcomed Michael Grey’s voice back to Seattle’s terrestrial sports radio.

As predicted in last week’s “This Is The 40-Something Files!” – Seattle sports fans would welcome the return of Michael Grey, especially if it is for a rival of his former employer, 710 ESPN (who inexplicably, and unceremoniously canceled his popular show on their station, a short while back).

Based on the positive feedback Sports Radio KJR is sure to receive from regular listeners, and those of us who happened to stumble upon the show, it sure does make sense for this “one off” appearance to roll into something more… dare I say, a permanent and regular re-emergence of The Michael Grey on our airwaves?

Karma’s a b—-, isn’t it, 710 ESPN…

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