Seattle Seahawks Extend Clint Gresham While Russell Wilson Waits


American football is distinctly different from other popular team sports in that it features one position on the field that clearly is more important than all the others. The first thing anyone wants to know about an NFL team is “who’s the quarterback” followed by “is he any good?” It’s imbalanced, but we like it this way. We embrace the all-importance of the QB.

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In Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks have an excellent quarterback. He’s fast, accurate, and aggressive. He’s a natural leader on and off the field, the kind of player who knows how to get the most out of his teammates while acting as a face of the franchise. He’s young, accomplished, and only getting better. As far as quarterbacks go, Wilson’s one of the best.

With one year left on his rookie deal, many have speculated that the time to work out a new deal for RW is now. Indeed, the team and the player have said to be talking for months, and according to recent chatter the deal is almost done. It’ll be big, and it’ll be significant. But first the Seahawks had other business to attend to.

What other business? Why, yes, I am referring to the three-year deal the team just gave to Long Snapper Clint Gresham. Who? Clint Gresham. As in, the guy who’s job it is to snap the football, but, like, only when the Center is, like, busy, or something.

Quarterback may be the most prominent and essential position on the field, but perhaps yesterday’s extension news served as something of a reminder that every position on the field is important. Yes, every last one of these guys is a member of the team. Football is a team sport, and there’s a Long Snapper on the team, and sometimes his extension comes along before that of the star QB.

Not that the circumstances are particularly similar. Gresham was an unrestricted free agent, and the Seahawks wanted him back. If the ‘Hawks don’t extend Gresham, he probably leaves. If the ‘Hawks don’t extend Wilson, he’s still around for another two years before they need to do anything about it. With Gresham there was urgency. With Wilson, not so much.

Nonetheless, the timing of this is likely to draw some ire. We’re antsy to hear the details of the Wilson deal. It’s said to be “unique” and “different,” and so we’re excited. Especially since Wilson’s pact is expected to be amongst the largest in NFL history. But for now, we’ve got… a new deal for the LS. Great. Gonna just chew on that one while waiting for Wilson to sign.

It should be noted, in the spirit of “football is a team sport,” that Wilson and Gresham are close. They’re the leaders of the team’s prayer circles and have bonded over their faith. They financed a 2013 video called “The Making of a Champion” together. That’s right: the QB and the LS. The most and least visible members of the team.

You know who’s probably not sore about the timing of these deals? Russell Wilson. He’s probably just happy for his friend and not at all worried about when his own deal will be done. By the sound of things, that time is close. Stay patient, Seahawks fans. Russell will have his day, but for now, for once, it’s all about Clint Gresham.