Key and Peele’s Richard Sherman Press Conference (Video)


All week we have been seeing Key and Peele, comics famous from their Comedy Central show, performing Super Bowl related skits. Earlier today we posted the Marshawn Lynch press conference in which BeastMode has a fondness for biscuits and gravy.

Next up, they took on Richard Sherman in a way that I think we could all see one of his sessions with the media going.

“You’re telling me, that LEGO Movie wasn’t one of the five best animated films of the year?!”

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And then they did a joint press conference in which Sherman delves into more than just the animated portion of the Oscars and forces Marshawn Lynch to comment more than just, “biscuits and gravy.”

Regardless of how Super Bowl 49 turns out tomorrow, it’s safe to assume that Key and Peele will be holding postgame press conferences in the near future.

With the Super Bowl just a day away, you can check out our in-depth position by position breakdown. And if you’re not tired of seeing BeastMode yet, which I doubt any 12 is, you can see his visit with Conan O’Brien and Rob Gronkowski here. The trio play Mortal Kombat and I’d highly recommend you check that out for some hilarious Marshawn Lynch moments.

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